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We don’t need to wait for a Bond movie to ponder the perennial question of “who watches the watchmen”: that is, how we, the people consciously permit our security to be defended.

The technology in question isn’t invisible Aston Martins or exploding watches.

It was also not the right age, and he immediately knew which site I had creeped the information from. Creeping is the thorough examination of another person online, mainly through social media.

If you’ve ever snooped on a partner, you may have felt insecure and used it as a means of reassuring your doubts and calming your unease, or you may have had genuine cause for concern and not enough faith to cover it, and so you looked for answers to validate what you’re feeling and/or to clear away those doubts.

feeling undignified and even trapped in a vicious cycle of shame that ends up disempowering you. If we want to be in mutually fulfilling, loving relationships with care, trust, and respect, our relationships cannot be about power and control. The next time we experience the feelings and thoughts, if we haven’t addressed the root cause and learned how to self-soothe and also communicate with our partner, we will snoop again. It’s pseudo control even if the other party doesn’t know about it.

Whether true or false, they are extensions and representations of those people.

By being active in our profile’s existence, we make ourselves part of the creeping database.