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It is fascinating to see how countries and cities have changed their names over the decades, and the results of wars that have moved boundaries.
How to Help Teens Dealing with Dating Violence Teens who are in an abusive relationship may have a difficult time getting help.

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Once your reputation is ruined — in a way, your reputation is everything — that’s it.” “The choice to stay on these moments to a point where it makes the audience just past uncomfortable was a very deliberate decision,” she continued, speaking about what viewers will witness on the series.

“It was done because we wanted to show the ugliness and not use these events and issues as plot devices or romanticize them in any way.

You would never, ever assume that working with her or watching her onscreen."Gomez has addressed why she didn't star in the series, after originally being cast to star in a movie version of Jay Asher's novel.

Be brave, be kind, and get ready for what's coming ❤ xx A post shared by KATHERINE LANGFORD (@katherinelangford) on , but she makes a big impression on the show as Hannah. She posted a heartfelt Instagram (where she has already amassed 2.5 million followers) a week after the show premiered on Netflix."(Thank you) to everyone who has watched and responded to the show so far," she wrote.The main cast consists of relatively unknown, young actors, but that won't be the case for long (they have matching tattoos with producer Selena Gomez, for one thing).Here's what you should know about five of the cast members of the show before they break it big.She adds, “Being in high school is like being in a [different] world.That’s your world, and there isn’t any perspective. The Netflix drama will return for a second season, going past the source material from the original book by Jay Asher. Not even its stars seem to know, but that hasn't stopped Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford from sharing what they hope happens when the adventures of the Liberty High kids continue.