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My name is Stuart Nicholls, but known to everyone as just Stu.
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Archeomagnetic and paleomagnetic dating

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Records of the Earth’s magnetic field play a role in many aspects of Earth Science; hence some knowledge of how it behaves is important to all Earth scientists.The following introduces some of the reasons for studying the geomagnetic field.

Archaeomagnetism refers to the application of paleomagnetic methods and theory to archaeological problems.

The magnetic field is one component of the highly complex Earth system.

It also has the useful property of pointing roughly North (or South).

The Hittite kingdom was commonly called the Land of Hatti by the Hittites themselves, but the fullest expression is "The Land of the City of Hattusa".

This description could be applied to either the entire empire, or more narrowly just to the core territory, depending upon context.