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Applying game theory dating separated and dating with kids

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It was initially developed to understand a large variety of economic behaviors, including behavior of firms, markets, and consumers.

The use of the game theory has since expanded in the social sciences and has been applied to political, sociological, and psychological behaviors as well.

In fact, we use it all the time without even realising.

“Every time you think about what you should do in terms of what someone else will do in response, you’re doing rudimentary game theory,” says Kevin Zollman of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When we need to think through situations several steps ahead or when they involve more than just a few people, we start to make mistakes.

It may sound new and intimidating but it isn’t; it’s been around a very long time.Home › Articles › A Helpful Timeline on Game Theory You say game theory, others say theory of social interaction.Still others call it weather forecasting, economic predictions, and playing the odds in Vegas.It sounds a little crass, and the episode probably never happened in reality.But in a ham-fisted, Hollywood sort of way, it does hint at how game theory, the branch of mathematics Nash helped to make famous, can apply to our everyday lives.We develop three different interpretations of mixed strategies in various contexts: sport, anti-terrorism strategy, dating, paying taxes and auditing taxpayers.