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After updating bios cmos checksum bad

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This will occur if you have just flashed the BIOS, removed the CMOS battery, or made a hardware change since last boot.

If you have not flashed your BIOS, removed the battery, or added/removed a piece of hardware it may indicate a bad component or weak CMOS battery. Next reboot the computer and see if the same error comes up.

Though it is quite an irritating error message but the remedies are quite easy for this error.

after updating bios cmos checksum bad-2

I've swapped the cmos battery with the one from mu "old" PC and put some cardboard between the MB and the case plate. I've also removed usb devices, removed audio card, Hdd, Dvd, tried only 1 ram stick, then the other. I've tried using the P4 and P8 12v cables and same issues. It should rest on those and not the bottom of the case.A checksum is a redundancy check during the startup process of the board, which makes sure that a bios' data is intact and unhampered.The data is scanned and tested for accuracy, either based on how well it relates to data elsewhere or based on previous data that was stored on the CMOS chip.If none of the above steps have solved the problem please contact us directly so we can further assist you. Just bought a new PC - parts list below - but since first boot I get an error during POST "Cmos checksum bad - F1 to enter setup - F2 to load defaults and continue. I then cleared the cmos, and the same sequence of events was repated.... I've read that there are 2 common cause: dying battery or electrical short circuit. Did you use the Standoffs (usually brass) that came with the case when installing the motherboard?When computer is getting started means boot up is in process, then the values are compared in the CMOS memory.