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Set around Christmas and shot on location around Paris with an exclusively handheld camera, it shrouds itself in ordinariness (there are too many scenes involving parking troubles and restaurants to count) in much the same way as Verhoeven’s Hollywood films would wrap their sharpest points in special effects and action thrills.These are challenging times for any filmmaker who doesn’t want to be told what to do.One conundrum is that Elle is singularly a Verhoeven film, but doesn’t quite look like one.

That was the path of Dutch-born Paul Verhoeven, whose career began in his own language with “Soldier of Orange” and the Oscar-nominated “Turkish Delight.” From there he forged an A-list career that included “Basic Instinct” (which played competition in Cannes) “Robo Cop,” “Total Recall,” “Starship Troopers,” and, yes, “Showgirls.” His last Hollywood movie was “Hollow Man” with Kevin Bacon in 2000.It sets up this pressure to stay camera ready all the time," he tells ."I don't want to think about myself that much.They’ll look at your typing speed and how hard the keys are being pressed, before accordingly changing the size and font to be relevant to your mood. Elle opens with a wealthy and beautiful middle-aged Parisian being raped on the parquet floor of her first-floor den by an intruder in a ski mask.The only witness to the attack is a black cat, which sits watching silently.