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In addition, software and hardware packages enable to keep costs down whilst still benefiting from the most advanced technology for news broadcast.Robotic camera for high-speed motion control Camerobot provides total motion control.Synchron dazu werden Fokus, Zoom und Iris nach Vorgabe exakt angepasst.Von Highspeed bis Stop Motion, der Roboter wird allen Ansprüchen gerecht.Camerobot Systems Gmb H is an experienced supplier of robotic camera systems to facilitate work in TV studios and to enable precise camera moves for motion control.

It's called robot creep, although by now it's more like an all-out sprint. The first generation of companion robots went home last year, and kids as young as five are getting a chance to build robots as part of their school's STEM curriculum.

Durch seine hohe Genauigkeit und einfache Bedienung optimiert der Broadcasting-Roboter die Arbeit in Fernsehstudios und bietet dabei die Möglichkeit virtuelle Sets zu nutzen.

Das abgestimmte Hard- und Softwarepaket hält die Betriebskosten trotz modernster Technik gering.

The high-speed robot RX160 can move a camera freely in its workspace, while adjusting the lens in focus, zoom and iris and simultaneously trigger special effects with precise timing – everything managed via the powerful and intuitive graphical user interface called “Robo Kam Atelier”.

The high-speed robot simplifies work for TV ads, action shots and sports coverage and leads to more flexibility in film production.